Alicia’s second poetry book, forthcoming from Augury Books, an imprint of Brooklyn Arts Press, in October 2018. Pre-order here!

Fruit Geode book cover

“How does a body do what it does: make love, mistakes, create life, exist after life;
how does a body evolve, celebrate, regret, reconsider its big and small moments:
these are the passionate concerns of Alicia Rabins’ Fruit Geode, a book that I could
not stop reading once I started, a book that drew me in with intimacy and force and
then grabbed my heart hard, which is to say, if you have a body, this book is a must
read.”   —
Lynn Melnick

Against the tide of received wisdoms about mothering and loving, one can only marvel at the personal cosmology Alicia Jo Rabins builds in these poems. Lyrically bent towards both gratitude and wonder, yet defiance, too, she honors every shade of emotion crossing the threshold into motherhood and marriage. Fruit Geode amounts to a kind of ritualistic reclaiming of the body and spirit as mother and artist in the presence of both her progeny and her ancestors who watch as she spirits herself into song again and again. Major Jackson


Fruit Geode will also include a live “poetry soundtrack” performed by Alicia on violin and electronic pedals during readings (in venues where tech permits).

Alicia will be on book tour throughout the 2018-19 academic year; get in touch if you’d like to invite her to your community, bookstore or classroom!