Alicia’s second poetry book, forthcoming from Augury Books, an imprint of Brooklyn Arts Press, in October 2018.

Fruit Geode book cover

“How does a body do what it does: make love, mistakes, create life, exist after life;
how does a body evolve, celebrate, regret, reconsider its big and small moments:
these are the passionate concerns of Alicia Rabins’ Fruit Geode, a book that I could
not stop reading once I started, a book that drew me in with intimacy and force and
then grabbed my heart hard, which is to say, if you have a body, this book is a must
read.”   — Lynn Melnick

Fruit Geode will also include a live “poetry soundtrack” performed by Alicia on violin and electronic pedals during readings (in venues where tech permits).

Alicia will be on book tour throughout the 2018-19 academic year; get in touch if you’d like to invite her to your community, bookstore or classroom!