Lectures and Teaching

An experienced and passionate presenter and educator, Rabins specializes in integrating creativity, spirituality, and a personal approach to sacred texts. Her offerings range from straightforward lectures to storytelling-infused performances, generative workshops for artists and “non-artists” alike, and classroom visits to universities and high schools, both in-person and virtual. She works primarily with adults and teens in both general and Jewish settings.

Rabins has lectured and performed at diverse venues including universities, conferences, webinars, concert series, and museums. In 2016, she was the inaugural artist-in-residence at Portland State University’s Judaic Studies department.

Selected past lectures and performances include:

The Secret Lives of Women in Torah: A Tour through Music, Art, and Text

Poetry as Spiritual Autobiography: A Generative Workshop

Imagining Ourselves into Jewish Texts: Art as Midrash, Midrash as Art

Manna, Fish, Pretzels: Food Writing in Torah and Midrash

Alicia frequently leads workshops on individual women in Torah through text study and song, followed by a solo concert of Girls in Trouble songs with storytelling. Examples include: 

Miriam in the Desert: Finding Ourselves Inside and Outside of Community

Tamar at the Crossroads: Intimacy, Risk and Reward

Ruth’s Journey: Reading Ruth’s Story, Telling Your Own

Lilith: Demoness or Heroine?

Note: you can also study or teach Alicia’s music about women in Torah on your own, thanks to the Girls in Trouble Curriculum! This is a series of in-depth sessions on Biblical women through text, art and music, with teacher’s notes, created by Alicia with the support of the Covenant Foundation. All ten units are available for download here