fifteen years of adventures

For the past fifteen years I wrote about my adventures on a different platform, a blog called Violinista Libre. But as the Buddhists sutra says, “Nothing can be independent without any change.” Not even blogging software.

Still, that blog will live on in archived form here. Go down a deep rabbit hole in reverse chronological order if you are stuck on an airplane or truly committed to your procrastination! If you prefer some highlights, here are a few:

Some Thoughts on Rejection  (or, the years of  rejection letters that led up to my first book)

Touring with Kids: A Photo Journal (a new book, a new album, and two kids under 4 – bonus challenge, my husband is in the band too!)

We Are Not the First to Live in Dark Times (written on Election Night 2017)

Au Revoir El Salvador (one of a series of blogs written on tour across Central America through the U.S. State Department, fiddling and singing with the Hoppin John String Band, 2009)




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  • Faith Brynie Reply

    Dear Alicia,

    I am writing on behalf of the U. S. Presidential Scholars Alumni Association ( We are trying to locate past Scholars with whom contact has been lost. I’ve found some information on the Internet that leads me to suspect you may have been a Presidential Scholar.

    Please, will you let me know? If you were a Scholar, I’d like to send you some information about our very lively alum group. This is not a fundraising effort and no donations will be requested.

    The best way to respond is via email: Or I am always happy to chat: 406 837 5170.

    Faith Mace Brynie
    WV, 1964
    USPSAA Board Member

    August 29, 2017 at 12:07 pm

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