Help make *A Kaddish for Bernie Madoff: The Film* a reality!

Alicia plays violin on Wall Street cobblestones

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Help make *A Kaddish for Bernie Madoff: The Film* a reality!

Alicia plays violin on Wall Street cobblestones
Filming on Wall Street, June 2018 (photo by Alicia J. Rose)

I believe that all life is creative. That creativity lies not only in making “art” per se, but in the countless small decisions every single day: the way we appreciate the world around us, the constant process of coming up with solutions to all the challenges of life. And part of that is the power life has to surprise us along the way.

Case in point: I never thought I’d be making a movie. It’s just not usually part of the poet/musician/performer path. But after years of touring my one-woman chamber-rock opera, A Kaddish for Bernie Madoff, while watching current events unfold, I began to think about how the show – initially about the 2008 financial collapse, Madoff, community and spirituality – could grow to reflect what’s happening around us in this moment. I also began to dream of translating it into film, a medium which would enable me to reach people where they are.

And then I found director Alicia J. Rose. Not only is her name eerily similar to mine, but she shares my excitement and vision, is a gifted filmmaker, a snappy storyteller, and an accordionist to boot…

…and now we’re doing it! A Kaddish for Bernie Madoff: The Film will integrate storytelling, music video, and spiritual texts to go to the heart of the human desire that lies behind the financial collapse, the Madoff debacle, and our current moment.

Now all we need is to raise the funds to make it! And that’s where you come in.

bike-riding cameraman films Alicia as she rides a bike
DP Brad Reeb filming me on his “bike dolly” while I ride to the Williamsburg bridge.

Dear reader, if you are able, please donate to our crowdfunding campaign



All donations are tax-deductible and we have some great incentives, too. An hour of creative coaching! Bar/bat mitzvah ceremony planning advice! A concert in your living room! Your name in the credits (at any level)!

If you can, please donate and/or share, and know that I am deeply grateful.

And I send you power, fearlessness and joy in your own creative pursuits, be they art-per-se, or just the creativity involved in living each and every day!


With love,


Alicia looks out the window of a wall street building holding her violin






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